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CryptoMoonShots is a community of likeminded crypto enthusiasts in pursuit of untapped cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

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Why us

We started CryptoMoonShots in response to the second bull run of 2017. Our premium Discord channel has taken on new life as cryptocurrencies continue to pique in volume, value, sentiment, and investor interest.

Strict Discord Monitoring & Quality Standards

We facilitate serious Discord discussions with 0-tolerance for low-quality information, manipulation, shrills, or hazing. We uphold stringent rules for the benefit of all participants.

Real-Time Updates & All-Encompassing Archives

At CryptoMoonShots, we not only keep our Community Interest Channel continuously updated, but also archive every input on our Monthly Submission Channels for 24/7 access.

Growth Potential in Any Market Condition

In bull and bear markets alike, we provide access to invaluable information that’s centered on accuracy, growth, and results. Cryptocurrency ROI is our primary focus.

What we offer

In-Depth Research into New & Existing Cryptocurrencies

We regularly monitor and evaluate future ICOs, IDOs, IEOs and STOs to capitalize on new opportunities while monitoring existing cryptocurrencies for ongoing growth. Our community members are always on the lookout for high-quality releases and price movements.

Access to Our Global Crypto Community

Our Discord channel is home to some of the world’s most dynamic crypto investors. Each discussion features users from our international member base, offering unique crypto perspectives from all four corners of the globe.

Lively Channels with Tangible Information

From our competitive Monthly Submission Channels to our Discussion Channels, CryptoMoonShots offers strategic insight for new and experienced crypto investors alike. Our ultimate goal is to identify undetected opportunities before they become mainstream.

Community-Based Improvements

At CryptoMoonShots, we put our members first. That’s why we take your feedback and inputs seriously, making changes, adding features, and conducting upgrades as necessary to improve the user experience and make our community the premier place for cryptocurrency investors.

Home to Over


Active Participants

Our high-engagement rate is a testament to the quality and value of our discussions. CryptoMoonShots also enables crypto investors to tip fellow members for high-quality insight. In turn, we encourage premier discussions that benefit our user base as a whole.


The Infamous Sewer Section

For discussions about meme coins, parody cryptocurrencies, and more, the Infamous Sewer Channel is home to the latest opinions and updates. By hosting these conversations in a dedicated channel, we keep our primary channels free from baseless cryptocurrencies.


Getting Started with CryptoMoonShots

Live cryptocurrency discussions without biases, ulterior motives, or manipulation, CryptoMoonShots is a high-quality resource with vetted channels and verified members. We closely monitor each channel for real inputs based on solid research.

We invite you to become a member today. Together, we’ll research and invest in low market cap cryptocurrencies before they achieve their true moonshot potential.


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Here’s What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are real testimonials from current CryptoMoonShots users.

I came here with less than 1 BNB, and have officially smashed through six figures. In what? Like a month... for $4.99 a month. This place and these people are amazing! If you're new here, be grateful for the opportunities laid out and provided to you. The Sewer is heaven under the streets.

Mr. Dip

Big thank you to everyone here in this discord, you're all awesome, I've never made this much money in my life in such a short period of time, thank you folks.


This discord is extremely valuable for the information asymmetry edge. Many I know have gained high 6 figures here.


I took another week off work , made my year salary within a few days here in the sewer again.


Just taking a second to say this community is fresh af.


I often ,(like at this moment) choose the sewer and crypto above my day job.


Man the sewer really changed my life , i dont even have time to eat or to workout anymore.


Just wanted to say thanks to this group in less than one week i went from sitting consistently on about 5-6 BNB to 35 BNB and hopefully still up. really appreciate everyone in this group.


This discord server has helped me make better investments in one night than my entire crypto trading history.


I've made three years salary now.


My portfolio is nearing $4000 wtf, I started out with like $3.


Just wanted to say thank you sewer, my $30 initial in shitcoins like a week and a half/2 weeks ago is now over $1000.


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CryptoMoonShots is a high-quality resource with vetted channels and verified members.


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